Saturday, May 21, 2022

Let's Not Get Too Excited By Recent Red Sox Run

Winston Wolfe
Your 2022 Boston Red Sox are finally performing like they were supposed to. Unfortunately—even though it's only May 21st—they may have dug themselves too big a hole for any post-season appearance. They could qualify again for a play-in Wild Card game (they're only 4 out right now), but the inconsistency on both offense and defense (not to mention pitching) this season suggests that we shouldn't get too excited about playoff prospects (heeding the sage words of Pulp Fiction's Winston Wolf).

For example, despite their recent run at Fenway, Boston in the only team in the AL East with a losing record at home. In a division as talented as this one (even the Birds are pulling off walk-off wins) that's not sustainable. 

There are still far too many holes on this roster to realistically hope for a post-season berth—first-base, bench, bullpen, health of the starting rotation (we could go on). So, let's enjoy the recent barrage of run-scoring—but let's not get ahead of our skis. Let's get to .500 first.