Saturday, October 2, 2021

Red Sox Hold Their Post-Season Fate Squarely In their Own Hands

No excuses. With two games left in the regular season (barring a "play-in" tiebreaker on Monday), your Boston Red Sox just need to win on Saturday and Sunday to secure a post-season berth. Period. No scoreboard watching, no Yankee angst—just get 92 wins and wait for your next destination.

It sounds easy—but nothing has come easy for this Boston Nine in 2021. They started the season by losing three at home to the pathetic Orioles (only to almost repeat that debacle in Charm City in late September). They have gone on near-historic runs that made us think this collection of "Bloomers" was destined for greatness. They have collected doubles at an astounding rate—leading Major League Baseball by a long shot. But, alas, the pitching is the big conundrum—sometimes the starters, sometimes the 'pen. Does a 2021 Sale Day guarantee a win? Ummm, not necessarily. Is Barnes a true closer? Ummm, not bloody likely.

And so, it all comes down to whether this crew can hit and pitch in 18 consecutive innings. If they do, we're in the tournament. If they don't, the pitchforks and torches will be out in full display on Yawkey Way (Jersey Street is a fiction).